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Welcome to Gemma Rappensberger Embroidery, where you will find original contemporary embroidery made by myself, artist Gemma Rappensberger.

Through my observational illustrations of items we often forget, such as worn-out trainers, favourite biscuits with Granny, a leaf found on a trip to the park or fishing at the beach, I hope to recall the associated memories, stories and conversations these items can invoke in you, the viewer.  

I use stitched line through embroidery to portray the items' individual characteristics and beauty to retell these stories. Each embroidered artwork is a unique one-off, beautifully made with attention to detail, ready to be displayed in your home.

For more information please sign up to my email below or follow me on Instagram, thank you!


I love the DM boots embroidery hoop, I received from Gemma. It's beautifully made and looks lovely on my wall.


My beautiful hoop, which I received as a gift is beyond perfect! I can't get over how much stunning detail is in it. It hangs beautifully in our hall and is admired by all that visit. I can't wait to order more from you.

You are so talented and having ordered previous products I know you are the loveliest person to communicate with.

Thank you so much.


Soooo happy with our Conker, Forget-me-not and Leaf hoops!. They look amazing and work really well as a set, creating a beautiful, unique feature on our wall. Thank you so much! 


                               C. G

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